7 West Coast Kind Hotels Share Their Proudest Sustainability Moments


From no plastic policies, LEED & B Corp women-owned and women-led hotels, and wandering sheep as natural fertilizers, find inspiration amongst these seven West Coast Kind Hotels ready to kindly and safely welcome you through their doors as they share their proudest sustainability moments. 

From saying no to plastic, reducing or eliminating your carbon footprint, choosing to embrace a more plant-based lifestyle, supporting businesses and destinations that advance local community impact, it can sometimes feel challenging to travel sustainably and responsibly. To make sustainable and responsible travel easier, we've rounded up seven West Coast Kind Hotels that embed sustainability into their everyday operations and ethos.

From a woman-owned and women-led B Corp boutique hotel committed to social justice and sustainability on the Washington Coast, a LEED Lake Tahoe lodge reducing its carbon footprint using a lake-sourced cooling system, a Sonoma County resort welcoming wandering sheep as fertilizer, and a modern Healdsburg hotel committed to a no plastic policy and creek restoration, find inspiration amongst these seven eco-beauties ready to kindly and safely welcome you through their doors as they share their proudest sustainability moments. 

Adrift Hospitality

1. Adrift Hospitality: Ashore Hotel: Seaside, Oregon; Inn at Discovery Coast: Long Beach, Washington; and Adrift Hotel & Spa: Long Beach, Washington

Proudest Moment: B-Corp Status

“In Spring 2019, after months of work and planning, Adrift Hospitality was granted B Corporation status. From our very first hotel, we have been committed to community values, social justice, and environmental stewardship. We believe that through fair employment, sustainable practices, and close collaboration with local partners who share our values, business and hospitality can be a force for good in the world. 

Inn at Discovery Coast

We had already taken many steps towards these goals including becoming a Social Purpose Corporation, conducting a Community Sourced Capital campaign for the installation of solar panels at Adrift Hotel and Ashore Hotel, and having both of our restaurants certified as Ocean Friendly by the Surfrider Foundation. 

We decided to take our efforts one step further and go through the process of becoming a benefit corporation for three reasons: Accountability for the work we were doing; access to a community of over 2,000 businesses worldwide who share our values; and transparency as an organization as we continue to grow and build our business. Attaining B Corp status is not an overnight endeavor and we are proud of all of the work that went into achieving and maintaining this mark of entrepreneurship for the betterment of all.” 

- Tiffany Turner, CEO of Adrift Hospitality

Edgewood Tahoe

2. Edgewood Tahoe: Stateline, Nevada 

Proudest Moment: becoming a LEED Silver-certified Building

"One of our proudest sustainability moments at Edgewood Tahoe was becoming a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver-Certified Building. This came as the result of several extensive projects designed to reduce the resort’s carbon footprint and water usage. One of the most prolific projects was creating a lake-sourced cooling system that extracts 43-degree water from Lake Tahoe. This allows the resort to eliminate electrical cooling and reduce our carbon footprint.

Additionally, we used locally sourced materials in the construction of the resort, such as granite from a local quarry, eliminating the need for long-distance shipping. We also created employee bike racks, shuttles, and locker room showers to encourage Edgewood staff to bike and walk to work.

Lastly, pedestrian and bike-friendly pathways to local commercial areas were created to help reduce vehicle traffic and emissions.”

- Siobhan Fajayan, Sales & Marketing Director of Edgewood Tahoe

Russian River by Russian Riverkeeper

3. H2hotelHealdsburg, California (Sonoma Wine Country)

Proudest Moment: Foss Creek Restoration Project 

“H2hotel in downtown Healdsburg was our first LEED construction project, and from its inception, it represented the environmentally-conscious values that we have put into all our projects going forward. We took land that was a former gas station, remediated the soil, and built a LEED Gold hotel, one of the very first in California with solar panels, a living roof planted in succulents, and a warm modern design with mostly reclaimed and sustainable materials. 

We eliminated plastics at the property and installed sparkling and flat purified water taps on every floor, a first for a hotel. 

However, the proudest moment for us was around the work we did to restore Foss Creek (that runs directly behind the hotel) with the Russian Riverkeepers. We brought the Riverkeepers into the project early to advise on our building practices and help us plan our landscaping, so we could restore the creek back to its natural state by removing the non-native plants, and protect the creek by creating a bioswale to capture roof runoff before it went into the creek. The creek project has become an educational opportunity for both local school groups and businesses to learn about ecology and stewardship. We are incredibly proud of this project and the impact it has had on people’s awareness of urban streams and the value they have on our ecosystem.” 

- Circe Sher, President of Piazza Hospitality


Bottles to Bunkers, The Ranch at Laguna Beach

4. The Ranch at Laguna Beach: Laguna Beach, California 

Proudest Moment: Bottles to Bunkers

“Glass is one of the easiest materials to recycle, yet tons end up in landfills each year. A 100% recyclable material, glass can be repurposed endlessly without ever losing quality. However, only 1/3 of the 10 million metric tons of glass bottles thrown away in the US are recycled. 


The Ranch at Laguna Beach

The Ranch at Laguna Beach, a leader in sustainable hospitality, has found a creative solution to this problem with its Bottles to Bunkers program. The Ranch at Laguna Beach is the first hotel in North America to operate a GLSand glass bottle crusher. This compact machine creates a sand-like product from glass bottles. The sand, which is completely safe to handle, is used to replenish the bunkers of the Ranch’s golf course, as well as for pavement repairs and pool filtration, and reducing glass waste by 90%. The Ranch at Laguna Beach recycled 50 tons of glass in 2019 alone, keeping waste out of landfills and its golf course bunkers sustainably filled for guests to enjoy.” 

- Kurt Bjorkman, General Manager of The Ranch at Laguna Beach

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Vintners Resort

5. Vintners Resort: Santa Rosa, California

Vintners Resort

Proudest Moment: Water & Wildlife Conservation

“Vintners Resort is committed to biodiversity and wildlife conservation on the property. Hawk perches and owl boxes are installed to aid rodent control, removing the need for chemicals, and insectary gardens use drought-tolerant plants, like salvias, lavender, and other plant species to provide beneficial insects a place to thrive and pollinate. Three beehives provide honey and aid in pollinating trees and shrubs on the property. 

Vintners Resort has also integrated four-legged animals into the adjacent vineyards. This helps with Vintners Resort’s goal to naturally enhance biodiversity and nutrient recycling. Baby Doll sheep are an ancient breed with sweet, woolly faces and great dispositions. Given their small stature – about two feet at maturity – the sheep are not tall enough to chew on the buds or grapes produced on the vines in the vineyards, but are the perfect stature to munch on the green grass and weeds below, turning them into natural fertilizer.

By using the sheep to graze in the vineyards, Vintners Resort has decreased the use of harsh pesticides to eradicate weeds and grasses, as well as the cutting down of emissions in the air.

Water conservation is also a primary concern for Vintners Resort, and a few ways by which the property is making an impact in this regard is with the onsite wastewater treatment plant – wastewater is treated to be reused on the property’s vineyards irrigation through a sub-surface drip. Additionally, updated sprinkler irrigation systems have reduced water usage by 60%, as well as the installation of low flow faucets and toilets in 34 new guest rooms and the new Spa, as well as energy-efficient devices in the laundry facilities.”

- Cheryl McMillan, Director of Marketing Communications at Ferrari-Carano Vineyards & Winery


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6. SCP (Soul Community Planet) Depoe Bay: Depoe Bay, Oregon

Coming Soon to Kind Traveler: sister properties SCP Colorado Springs, SCP Redmond & Salishan Resort (Oregon)

Proudest Moment: Eco Rooms from Beginning to End

“Each SCP venue uniquely embodies the values of Soul, Community, and Planet. Soul Community Planet was born out of a vision to provide holistic hospitality experiences for individuals desiring to make positive choices for themselves, society, and the planet. Soul Community Planet donates five percent of its profits to charitable causes that share its core values. Our most recent SCP property in Depoe Bay, OR transformed a former inn into a surfing and fishing-style lodge with a casual bohemian, eco-friendly vibe. 

Soul Community Planet: SCP Depoe Bay

SCP Depoe Bay is designed to appeal to travelers looking for outdoor adventure and recreation, as well as for those who share the company’s commitment to earth-friendly and socially-responsible practices. SPC Hotel Depoe Bay uses green materials and eco-friendly products. They have rooms that feature soy-based beds which have been mindfully designed for guests’ relaxation and focus. Their peaceful rooms provide an environment free of the usual distractions (TVs, clocks, and radios) and will include added amenities to enhance guests’ peace and clarity, including a yoga mat, meditation pillow, sound machine, as well as a selection of essential oils and calming teas.”

- Pam Cruse, Soul Community Planet Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Marine Mammal Care Center LA

7. Terranea ResortRancho Palos Verdes, California 

Proudest Moment: Marine Mammal Care Center Partnership

“One of our proudest sustainability wins is our longstanding partnership with Marine Mammal Care Center (MMCC) for marine mammal releases as we have been supporting the organization since opening in 2009. We are committed to protecting and stewarding this unparalleled coastal setting and supporting the education of our visitors and guests to enhance awareness and encourage additional support for our partners in the community.”

- Terri A. Haack, President of Terranea Resort

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Rehabilitated Sea Lions Released by Marine Mammal Care Center at Terranea Resort by Ash Adams

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