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Kim Kessler dishes the flavor of LA’s coolest new vegetarian restaurant with owner Heather Tierney.

The Butcher’s Daughter, a vegetarian café and juice bar from New York City, has opened at 1205 Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, CA.  The 3,200 square-foot restaurant features an indoor-outdoor café, juice bar and an espresso bar serving items to go—from beauty products to savory bites to chic staples. More than an eatery, the resto also sells wine from its private label (“Slutty Red” Pinot Noir, “Sassy White” Sauvignon Blanc, and “Sexy Rose”) and guests can enjoy cocktails spiked with kale, beets and other veggies. 

The vibrant décor features high beam ceilings, bleached woods, white tile, metal elements, and more than 70 vintage reclaimed furnishings sourced by owner Heather Tierney from around the world. Standout pieces like a large communal table in the middle of the 100-seat dining room are one of the many symbols of Tierney’s impeccably good taste.

Much of the produce comes from the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Executive Chef Jermaine Jonas serves up some of the best selling dishes from the NY locations including smashed avocado toast, spicy kale Caesar, the butcher’s black-bean burger with vegan brioche hamburger buns and vegan pizza with house-made vegan cheese. I wish they offered gluten free pizza. Thankfully, they do have gluten-free and vegan versions of many of the dishes I enjoyed, including delicious blueberry pancakes and avocado toast. My personal favorites were the raw tacos, filled with “nut meat”, cashew cheese and guacamole, wrapped in romaine lettuce. I was excited that they also sell delicious, decadent vegan croissants and gluten-free caramelized banana bread, created by Pastry Chef Ignacio Zorzoli, who previously worked with Thomas Keller at Bouchon Bistro and Curtis Stone at Maude.  

We interviewed Heather Tierney, owner of The Butcher’s Daughter about a variety of topics ranging from kindness to her passion for far-flung travels. 

What does kindness mean to you?
Kindness is something that is most important to show to ourselves. When we are kind to ourselves, we have a greater ability to be kind to others and the world.

Where do you like to go for weekend trips and international getaways?
I love spending occasional weekends in Ojai. I have my eye on an avocado farm for sale there—one I may pull the trigger! Internationally, I love traveling to Europe, especially London and Paris. I lived in London for a bit during my college years, and always enjoy going back to visit. Many of the restaurants and pubs I used to go to are unchanged! My favorite long weekend getaway is traveling to Paris and frolicking around the city to cafes and shops, sipping cappuccinos, eating croissants and lots of good red wine. I also love traveling to boho parts of Mexico like Tulum. From there, if I have the time, I hop on a flight to Cuba, which is by far and away the most enchanting place I have ever visited. I haven’t been to India or Morocco yet. Those are definitely on my short list of destinations I want to hit soon.

What do you typically pack for a trip?
I always pack a bikini even if I’m going skiing, as I may need it for the hot tub or spa. I also always pack sunscreen, a travel size coconut oil and definitely my new white leather rose gold headphones, which are great for the plane. No one talks to me when I’m wearing them.

"When we are kind to ourselves, we have a greater ability to be kind to others and the world."

What are your plans for the future?
I’m not sure what’s in store for the future. My boyfriend and I just bought a house in Venice and we are developing the lot next door so we’ll be busy with that over the next year or so. As far as my design and restaurant career, I would love to open a beachside hotel one day. Personally designing all the rooms would be so rad and putting a Butcher’s Daughter in the lobby would be a good fit.  I have an idea of creating pina coladas served in coconut with organic rum. 

Why did you decide to call a vegetarian restaurant Butcher’s Daughter?
I decided to make Butcher’s Daughter vegetarian because the concept first started around juice. Vegetables are the backbone of juices, and meat just doesn’t fit when vegetables surround you. It’s also part of the brand story: If there were an old butcher today, his daughter would probably be a vegetarian, as she grew up around all this meat and she is bored of it. She is really excited about vegetables! 

Where did you score the eclectic furnishings for the restaurant?
I found many of the pieces at Round Top, which is the largest flea market in the world, which happens twice a year in Texas. Vendors from all over the world come to sell there, so you find things you wouldn’t normally see in this country. The banquettes are fashioned out of produce carts from India. The leather barstools are from a barbershop in Amsterdam. A chicken coop that houses greenery and succulents instead of chickens. 

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