How to Advance Social Justice When You Travel


At Kind Traveler, we want to take this moment to affirm our solidarity with the black community. We stand strong with you in the fight for racial & social justice and equality.


Social Justice:  justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.

The recent deaths of George FloydBreonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery among countless other black Americans in recent years – have led to an outpour of anger. Social and racial justice is being called - along with changes to policing.

Black Americans are killed by police at more than twice the rate of white Americans. Demands to end police brutality is nothing new. But this time, protesters have compelled the country to listen.

“Racism isn’t getting worse, it’s getting filmed” – Will Smith

At Kind Traveler, we want to take this moment to affirm our solidarity with the black community. Black Lives Matter and we stand strong with the fight for racial & social justice, equality, liberation, and freedom. Our hearts are wounded by the violent deaths of innocent individuals and the continual unfair acts of injustice and inequality in our nation. 

As a social enterprise and Public Benefit Corporation, Kind Traveler affirms its commitment to doing our part in lifting others up, advancing social and racial equality, and supporting the most at-risk and vulnerable communities.

We recognize the power of sustainable tourism to advance the social, economic, and environmental health and wellbeing of communities. This often comes in the form of lifting others out of poverty, respecting cultural and natural heritages, and empowering others to become advocates and supporters of the natural world and environmental sustainability.

“Travel is a luxury – but it is also an investment in the wider world, in communities and ecosystems outside our own.” – Steven Overman, author of The Conscience Economy



And that’s why we exist: to empower others to become a force for good when they travel in advancing the wellbeing of local communities, the environment, and animals.

We understand that we are stronger together. Where is unity, there is power, strength and beauty.


Vote: It is imperative to vote for ethical and compassionate leaders – not just on the federal elections. State and local officials usually set the policies that are followed by police. We love Rock the Vote as an excellent resource and inspiration on how to get involved and maximize your voting power.


Anti-Racist Reading List: As found on theSkimm, one of our personal favorite news media outlets designed for female millennials, these 20 essential books explore the history of racism in America, confront its current state, and address how we can move forward toward real change.


8 Documentaries & Series: learn about racial justice and the police. Racism, police brutality, and racial violence can be complicated and possibly overwhelming issues to unpack, requiring an intimate understanding of segregation, income inequality, the criminal justice system, and more. It can be a lot, especially if these topics are new for you.


Advance Social Justice When You Travel: Kind Traveler supports a variety of charities that seek to advance social justice and inequality in the most at-risk and vulnerable communities. The way it works is simple: Travelers unlock exclusive hotel rates + perks to book directly with Kind Hotels upon a $10 nightly donation to a local charity that positively impacts the community or environment in the destination visited, or to any Kind Charity.

Here’s a look at a few charities to consider supporting in advancing social justice on Kind Traveler when you ‘Give + Get.’

Henry Street Settlement: New York, NY

“The crushing effects of racism can be seen in many ways on the Lower East Side—homelessness, unemployment, lack of educational opportunity, and insufficient nutrition. Racial disparities are on display and all too prominent in so many of our country’s institutions, policies, and practices (mass incarceration, redlining, police brutality, governance) that to be silent is to deny their existence and to be complicit in their perpetuation.

As New Yorkers, we may pride ourselves on the strength of our diversity and our welcome of difference, but we are not immune from the forces of racism that pervade our entire society. Henry Street Settlement has a long and proud history of fighting back against these forces—both as a defender of racial justice at the highest levels where change can be made and as an advocate, champion, protector, and place of refuge for individuals of color in our community.”  - David Garza, President & CEO, Henry Street Settlement


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Also, don’t miss Roaming The America’s story exploring Henry Street Settlement’s museum, The House on Henry Street.


 The Lower Eastside Girls Club: New York, NY 

“Today, the Lower East Side continues to be one of the largest, most diverse, and densely populated districts in New York City. It is a historically, low-income, disenfranchised immigrant and minority community. Gentrification has created mental, emotional, and financial strain on our community, with a grave impact on our community’s health and wellness. Our community is an example of the growing income equality and social stratification that is endemic in New York City; inequities that have come to shocking light with the assault of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Lower Eastside Girls Club (LES) saw a 15% increase in poverty between 2010 and 2016 while citywide poverty rates decreased over the same period. 40% of young people in the LES are living in poverty.” – The Lower Eastside Girls Club Website

South Florida CARES Mentoring Movement: Miami, Florida

“CARES is a pioneering, community-mobilization initiative dedicated to healing the effects of centuries of structural disparities that are destroying multitudes of Black children’s lives. Mentoring works miracles. We meet our mandate to break the cycle of generational Black poverty by building a bridge to healing and wellness in mind, body, spirit and community in those places where Black children are losing ground. Across the nation, CARES recruits, trains and places caring, culturally competent mentors in schools and youth-support organizations desperate for Black volunteers.” - South Florida CARES Mentoring Movement Website


Interesting in learning more about racial and social justice? Check out this resource guide the Kind Traveler team put together in helping to equip you with education and inspiration. 

We look forward to continuing the fight against social and racial injustice alongside of you. We value your support of our mission and value your feedback (always feel free to email us at 



Kind Traveler CEO, Jessica Blotter, is a kindness curator who dreams of a world where people, animals, and the environment are treated with love and compassion. Follow her to discover where kindness can take you and insights on what it means to travel kindly.