Transforming the lives of South Florida’s youth to prepare them for success.

The MISSION of South Florida CARES Mentoring Movement is to secure and transform the lives of at-risk children. Its team envisions a nation in which all children are loved, have access to quality, culturally competent education, and are supported by well resourced families and communities living in harmony.

Why is it important?

More than 24% of Florida’s children live in poverty. This can often lead them down dangerous paths involving violence, disease, a lack of education, and more. It is our shared responsibility as a society to prepare younger generations for success in life; the future is in their hands.

How do they do it?

South Florida CARES succeeds by inspiring, recruiting, training, and mobilizing masses of caring men and women to mentor and nourish its children. Towards this end, its national affiliate network connects adults to local youth-serving organizations, including its own group mentoring programs. These focus on the emotional, social, and academic development of South Florida CARES’ children, as well as the wellness of the adults who parent, mentor, and educate them.

How you can #TravelKindly:
  • Choose South Florida CARES as your local charity when you book hotels with Kind Traveler
  • The organization hosts periodic events at which travelers are invited to volunteer; contact the South Florida CARES office for details (786-708-8224 or
  • Offer to help tutor any youth in your life who may be struggling with school
  • Volunteer at local after-school programs (sports, clubs, etc.) to help kids lead fulfilling lives outside the classroom as well
  • Be a career mentor for youth entering the workforce – even grabbing coffee to look over resumes helps!

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