Jessica Blotter

Jessica Blotter, M.A., Ed.

is CEO, Co-Founder, and Editor-in-Chief of Kind Traveler, a journalist, speaker, and advocate for the greater good. 

Jessica Blotter is CEO, Co-Founder, and Editor-in-Chief of Kind Traveler, a journalist, speaker, and advocate for the greater good. The moment she discovered that the love of travel can't be separated from the state of the world on a trip to Belize in 2012, her journey to create Kind Traveler began. Blotter led research and development of the Kind Traveler brand and business model, and now leads the team in offering a meaningful way for purpose-driven travelers to benefit both local and global communities. 

In a time of violence and war, she dreams of living in a world where the environment and all animals and people are treated with kindness; a world where all individuals are empowered with a sense of purpose and gratitude in their daily lives and are fulfilled with heaps of happiness as a result.

Her career began as an earth science and math teacher with UCSD's Pruess School, a unique charter school for low income students who strive to become the first in their families to graduate from college, educating 130 students each day. She then spent 10 years as an Associate Publisher and Advertising Director with popular print & digital fashion and lifestyle magazine start-ups in San Diego and Los Angeles. Her entrepreneurial journey began as the five-year Principal of LA-based brand consultancy, Publicly Loved, where her clients included luxury real estate moguls like CIM Group and Marriott Hotels.

Since launching Kind Traveler, Blotter has been featured in more than 300 news outlets including The New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, and Travel + Leisure. 

As a speakerBlotter delivered a TEDx salon talk ‘The Future of Travel: Purpose is King,’ was a 2019 finalist in the UNWTO Tourism Tech Adventure Pitch Competition in Chile, and delivered the 2019 Keynote speech for Tahoe Chamber’s Annual Summit on Responsible Tourism. She’s also been a speaker on the stages of Sonoma County Tourism's 2019 Annual Summit, Travel & Adventure Show, UCLA Marshall School of Business, Impact Travel Alliance Summit at the United Nations, Lodging Magazine's Green Lodging Summit, Boutique Lodging & Lifestyle Leadership Summit (BLLA), BLLA’s TIEWN (Travel Industry Executive Women’s Network), Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit, Travel and Tourism Marketing Association, and Female Founder University by LAUNCH. 

When it comes to awards, she was a finalist for the BESSIE Awards as a ‘2019 Startup of the Year' by Women in Travel Summit and received the ‘2017 Rising Star in Travel & Tourism’ award by WITTI (Women in Travel & Tourism International).

Blotter holds a M.A. in Education from Ottawa University and a B.S. in Biology from Arizona State University. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, and is a member of the Forbes Los Angeles Business Council. Join her adventures in traveling kindly on Instagram at @TravelKindly and on Kind Traveler at @KindTraveler.


"She dreams of living in world where all individuals are empowered with a sense of purpose in their daily lives and are fulfilled with heaps of happiness as a result."

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