Why You Need to Unlock Your Voting Superpower (Every Day)


The future of our country and the wellbeing of local communities and our planet is in your hands. As we face an economic meltdown fueled by 9 million cases of COVID-19 (the worst in the world), a climate crisis that threatens humanity’s very existence, and the stance our country takes for women, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and more, it’s never been more important to educate yourself on what matters and VOTE. 

Every election year, millions of voters go through a thought process thinking that their vote doesn’t matter or isn’t worth their time. Furthermore, according to MIT Election Lab, in any given election, between 35 and 60 percent of eligible voters don’t cast a ballot.

Additionally, according to Global Citizen, hundreds of thousands of nonvoters would vote if they could. Voters need identification to vote in 36 states, which means the 21 million Americans who don’t have government-issued photo ID are at risk of missing out. Financial barriers, lack of access to transportation, and limited information can make it difficult for older people, people of color, and low-income people to obtain an ID. 

Research shows that nonvoters are more likely to be low-income, young, Hispanic, or Asian American. Several barriers tend to get in the way for people living in poverty, and the US census found that 47% of eligible citizens with household incomes of less than $20,000 didn’t vote in 2012. 

And while these barriers can be discouraging, when others don’t vote, their vote, and voice, is silenced. The inner knowing that your vote matters in helping to shape the future is pivotal. Meaningful change cannot be created without the belief and knowing that every vote indeed matters, not only in this election but in everyday life.

“The vote is precious. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society, and we must use it.” – John Lewis

Read on to find six considerations to inspire your voting superpower:

1.    Surround yourself in education to unlock your voting superpower

Without education, it is impossible to know the gravity of issues at stake. Thanks to U.S. News, a definitive guide to candidates, issues, and the latest news from the campaign trail provide you the essential notes to make an educated decision. Some of the biggest issues at stake include the future handling of COVID-19, the climate crisis, healthcare, women’s rights, immigration, childcare, and more.

2.    Put your voting plan in place: a state-by-state guide

It’s not too late to put a plan together. 411.org, launched by the League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF) as a “one-stop-shop” for election-related, nonpartisan information to the public. Whether you’re a first-time voter or just putting your voting plan together now, you’ll find everything you need to know to make a plan. 

Also, voting isn’t just once every four years. There are local and state elections that are equally important in being an active voice in influencing the future. Furthermore, you have a chance to vote EVERY DAY, more below. 

3.    Vote because not everyone can  

Your vote is your voice, allowing you to support meaningful causes that support the health and wellbeing of communities, the environment, and animals. However, there are many that cannot vote – including immigrants, children, current & former prisoners (in most states) and animals. You step into your superpower when you exercise your right to vote and use your powerful voice to speak on behalf of others that can’t. When you give up your vote, your voice, you relinquish your power and leave important decisions up to others. 

4. Recognize that voting is a privilege

It was not always legal for women and black people to vote in the U.S. This year marks the 100th anniversary of women’s voting rights in America. Black people have only had the right to vote in America since 1965. Globally, some women are still suppressed from voting rights. It was just in 2015 that Saudi women were granted the right to vote and run for office.

5.    Know that a sustainable, biodiverse future depends on your vote

At Kind Traveler, we work hard to align travel opportunities for travelers to support local communities and the environment. Since the environment has no voice of its own, we feel it’s our responsibility to speak up and share some of the facts concerning our environment and climate today.

Nasa, the US space agency, says: "Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that 97% or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities."However, as cited on BBC, Trump has shown little, if any, commitment to tackling climate change and last year withdrew the US from the Paris accord, a multilateral agreement to tackle global warming.

Furthermore, the current administration has rolled back more than 125 environmental safeguards as outlined on Oct. 30, 2020, in The Washington Post. These rolls backs will allow more pollution, drilling, and logging while weakening protections for animals such as bees, bears, and birds. The most recent rollback this week included lifting Clinton-era protections for Alaska’s Tongass National Forest (Aka the ‘lungs of the country’ and ‘America’s last climate sanctuary’. It’s also home to 17-million acres of wildlife, now opened to logging and construction.


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photo: Blue Ink Supply Company

6.    Voting doesn’t stop at the election, it’s an everyday act

Every single day you get to vote with your dollar. The everyday choices you make – from what you eat, to what you purchase, to the way you travel, has the opportunity to make a positive difference. By supporting companies committed to addressing the world’s social and environmental challenges, you are able to align purpose with your purchase in a big way. Look for companies that our public benefit corps or registered B-Corps as a starting place. 

With Kind Traveler, you can vote to support local communities just by booking a Kind Hotel with us.

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Kind Traveler CEO, Jessica Blotter, is a kindness curator who dreams of a world where people, animals, and the environment are treated with love and compassion. Follow her to discover where kindness can take you and insights on what it means to travel kindly.