(Video) Kind Traveler: It's Just That Easy


Kind Traveler: It's Just That Easy

How does Kind Traveler work? 

You’re going to book a hotel and want to save some money. So why not book it with a site that helps you score big savings + perks while also supporting causes you care about? ▷ Choose. Give. Get.
1. Choose your destination + select your stay dates from the calendar 
2. Choose your hotel 
3. Get exclusive hotel rate upon a $10 nightly donation to a local charity that impacts the visiting destination, or a charity of choice (55 to choose from) 


Should you need to change your reservation you can do so directly with the hotel. Hotel rates exclude taxes and fees. 
Video Credit: NBC's This Is Us Actor Jon Huertas, Paid Time Off
Need more help? Please see our FAQs or Contact Us: Email - hello@kindtraveler.com | Phone: (310) 873 - 3294