Four Seasons Los Angeles: A Global Wellness Day Leader


What if one day could change your whole life?

What if one day could inspire a breakthrough to happen that motivated you to integrate yoga or meditation into your daily routine or try more plant-based foods as a way to create a healthier you? Or maybe it’s a day where a new community was found – a community that inspired you to become the best version of yourself.

There’s no doubt we live in a world where we all struggle to find balance, joy, and focus – especially when practically everywhere we turn we are faced with news stories reflecting gun violence, political upheaval and environmental despair.

But by focusing on self-care, wellness, and being kind to ourselves and each other, it’s possible to gain the strength that’s needed to be warriors for good in the world.

Global Wellness Day, founded eight years ago, is a social movement without any commercial purpose that is celebrated every year on June 8 in more than 100 countries, and shines as a beacon of light as industry leaders across the world bring together their communities to celebrate wellness and inspire journeys of self-discovery. By showing others what wellness looks like, it’s possible to more deeply unite communities – and the world – on the values of a healthy lifestyle that inspires kindness to oneself, others, and the environment.

Global Wellness Day brings together exercise, healthy eating, and spiritual teachings in a social platform designed to raise the awareness of wellbeing. It is a step to ignite the flame of happiness.

We can unite the world and bring peace to the planet through wellness.

Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills has long been a stand-out leader in wellness and has innovated many impressive ‘firsts’ for the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts brand – including its first plant-based Folia Menu by celebrated plant-based chef, Matthew Kenney.

This year, for its fifth year, they brought together an all-star team of wellness gurus and thought leaders to inspire wellness within their community – but to also shine a light on what’s possible for other hotels and industry leaders to embrace in creating a kinder world through wellness.

Discover 4 ways to inspire wellness individually and within your community gleaned from Global Wellness Day at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills:

1. Yoga & Meditation:

The five-star resort kicked off this special day on its rooftop helicopter pad (with sparkling views of the LA skyline) with a morning meditation by intuitive healer Deganit Nuur, followed by yoga led by Alo Yoga Ambassadors, Andrew Sealy and Shayla Quinn.

Meditation and yoga have been well scientifically documented in numerous studies to reduce stress, control anxiety, and promote emotional health, and more – if practiced regularly.


Studies even reflect that meditation can generate kindness – particularly Metta meditation, a type of meditation also known as loving-kindness meditation, that begins with developing kind thoughts and feelings toward yourself.

If we can take small steps to integrate more mediation and yoga into our lives, we may find ourselves feeling happier and healthier and more motivated to inspire others.

2. Holistic Living

Celebrity Nutritionist and multi-time New York Times best-selling author, Kimberly Snyder, spoke at a special wellness breakfast held at Vinoteca. Kimberly Snyder is the founder of the lifestyle brand Solluna, which includes the newly opened Solluna Juice Bar located within Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Vinoteca. In February 2019, Snyder launched her 5th best seller: Recipes for Your Perfectly Imperfect Life.

As an advocate for healthy living, she shared how "we need to shift the paradigm of wellness to the emotional and spiritual side – it’s not just about exercise and diet.”

Snyder continued to express how “having a stillness or mediation practice – just 3 minutes to yourself in the morning, can help you become so much more in touch with your body and decisions for the day. Clarity is a huge part of wellness. It’s not about your weight or age.”

3. Sustainable Lifestyle

With the fashion industry as the second-biggest consumer of water while also generating more greenhouse gas emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined according to UN Environment, it’s never been more important to rethink our purchasing decisions and purchase with purpose and sustainability in mind.

Leading an informative talk about sustainable fashion on Global Wellness Day, Founder and CEO of ocean+main, Mary Price, presented to the group about sustainability and mindful production practices. Mary Price has been a champion for putting people, planet, and purpose first, proving that ethical production does not have to come at the expense of luxury or profit. Ocean+main is an online and brick and mortar boutique offering eco friendly caftans and tunics inspired by the ocean, made on main street. All of their products are ethically sourced and locally made in Los Angeles (we are in love!). 


4. Plant-Based Diet

For lunch, attendees were treated to a plant-based lunch from leading Chef Matthew Kenney, who has created the Folia menu at Four Seasons Los Angeles. He is the founder of Plant Food + Wine, as well as many other vegan restaurant concepts around the globe. Matthew Kenney has helped to normalize and popularize plant-based cuisine in international markets.

As the author of 12+ cookbooks, this vegan chef inspires us all with the many benefits of a plant-based lifestyle that include not only the promotion of positive physical health, but also the advancement of immense benefits for the environment. In fact, in one year, animal husbandry creates as much carbon emissions as the entire transportation sector according to the UCLA study: The Case for Plant Based

Learn more about how Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the world’s leading luxury hospitality company, is celebrating Global Wellness Day and the exceptional wellness programing at properties worldwide.

How will Global Wellness Day inspire your wellness journey and create more peace within your community? 


Photo Credit: Four Seasons Los Angeles, Jessica Blotter of Kind Traveler, Ocean+Main, and Unsplash

Jessica Blotter is CEO and Co-Founder of Kind Traveler and a kindness curator that dreams of a world where people, animals, and the environment are treated with love. Follow her to discover where kindness can take you and insights on what it means to travel kindly.