2022 Impact Tourism Report by Kind Traveler


10 Global Trends at the Intersection of Travel, Philanthropy, and Sustainability 

As we reach a critical precipice for our planet and its inhabitants, Kind Traveler interviewed 64 partner hotels, charities, and destinations in 16 countries to uncover 10 trends that are shaping the future of impact tourism in advancing positive community and environmental impact in destinations. Additionally, there were 1,014 respondents that submitted feedback in the Global Traveler Survey by Kind Traveler.

The 2022 Kind Traveler Impact Tourism Report brings together the findings and pairs them with actionable solutions to advance sustainability and regeneration within local communities and the environment. 


Kind Traveler CEO & Co-Founder, Jessica Blotter, also a Board Director of Center for Responsible Travel (CREST), has made it her life's mission to educate, inspire, and create a groundswell of Kind Travelers that will make a positive impact in the communities they visit. While gathering information from hotels, charities, and destination partners, Jessica shares key information about the future of the travel industry and identifies 10 trends shaping the future of impact tourism.

"Trends give us direction, while solutions give us better pathways forward," states Blotter. As a former earth science teacher, Blotter shares, "Education and positive change are interlinked. By creating and offering more kind choices, it’s possible to create tourism opportunities that drive positive impact and trip satisfaction. We hope this Impact Tourism Report serves as a beacon of inspiration for the industry."

The report includes:

  • 10 trends shaping the future of impact tourism: hotels, charities & destinations  
  • Educational, responsible travel tips to drive action 
  • Unique examples of impact tourism including sheep meditation, sleeping with wolves, philanthropic social clubs, waste-to-candles recycling workshops, floating adventures at a bear sanctuary in Switzerland, and more creative experiences 

Some of the key stats from the 1,014 respondents that submitted feedback in the Global Traveler Survey by Kind Traveler included:

The 10 key takeaways from the report stem from the travel industries’ renewed interest in sustainable & regenerative travel and community-driven initiatives:

Kind Traveler and all the generous partners who gave their insight hope that these 10 trends stand to encourage and inspire other hotels, destination managers, business or nonprofit representatives, and travelers to seek out partnerships and resources to make a positive difference. When all travelers make purchasing with purpose a priority, the industry will follow. 


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