Sean Krejci

Sean Krejci

is COO & Co-Founder of Kind Traveler + Creative Director

The eldest of 10 siblings + two blind parents in Pahoa, Hawaii, I discovered the beginning of my entrepreneurial path at the age of eight when delivering 50 papers a day turned to 600 after I developed a delivery/distribution system to sustain increased customers.

By 13 years old, I developed my first business specializing in yard maintenance, tree removal, and landscaping, which sold five years later.  At age 16, I went on to get my pilot’s license, both single engine and glider, which tipped me over the edge to join the U.S. Air Force in 1996 where I received multiple accommodations. After my time in the service, I headed to Hollywood where I pursued my passion for creative arts working on blockbuster feature films in Visual Effects for Kodak.

Not being satisfied, being an entrepreneur at heart with a heart for action sports, I decided to create a clothing company catered to extreme sports. Based in San Diego, I sponsored over 30 professional athletes. With distribution globally, I quickly caught media attention ranging from MTV to NBC and VH1.

"As the eldest of 10 siblings and two blind parents in Pahoa, Hawaii, Sean discovered the beginning of his entrepreneurial path at the early age of 8..."

Continuing my professional development, in 2014, I received an advanced certificate in Design Communication Arts from UCLA Extension. Driven to stand up for our local communities, animals and our planet, my focus is on driving education around sustainability, wellness, travel, animal welfare on Kind Traveler. I'm also a product and graphic designer, photographer and drone pilot.