The care, health, and well-being of the child are the goals of the Meyer Children's Hospital Foundation. 

The Meyer Children Hospital Foundation works as a synergetic operational instrument of the Meyer Children Hospital for all activites that improve the reception and assistance for the children hospitalized. 

Why is it important?

The Meyer Foundation raises funds for scientific research, purchases new equipment for the hospital, and makes the hospital environment more comfortable for children. 

How do they do it?

Children Welcoming Project: Meyer Foundation wants little patients to feel at home. This is the reason why the Meyer Foundation is directly responsible for all the actions of entertainment in the Hospital. They sustain a special “care” during the period of treatment and hospitalization, which is divided in the following activities: The Game Room, Dogs in the Ward, Music in the Hospital, Clowns in the Ward, The Vegetable Garden, and Sundays in the Game Room.

Family Welcoming Project: Meyer Children’s Hospital Foundation is committed to actively supporting services to provide hospitality to families of little patients coming from afar. Thanks to donor generosity, Meyer Foundation gives the chance to little patients to have their family close to them. Every family deserves to deal united with the recovery in the hospital of their little child. This is why it is fundamental to help families in need, especially the families coming from afar or abroad, welcoming them in to the Meyer accommodation facilities during the hospitalization of their child.

Scientific Research: Meyer Foundation fundraises for scientific research, sustaining collaborations with national and international research centers for the development and the use of innovative technologies in the field of biomedical research.

Support for Health-Related Activities: Meyer Foundation contributes to maintain high technological standards and the health excellence of the Hospital. Thanks to contributions from donors the Foundation, it is able to acquire important biomedical and laboratory equipment, fundamental to put into practice the competence for Meyer physicians. To maintain and implement the high level of scientific excellence, it is necessary to constantly update equipment to guarantee a firm, efficient and prompt diagnosis and cure for the disease of our little patients.

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