Turkey’s four surrounding seas will have a cleaner and healthier future thanks to the Turkish Marine Research Foundation. 

The MISSION of the Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV) is to foster marine conservation and support sustainable development, including fisheries, by connecting people with scientific knowledge of oceans. 

Why is it important?

Since Istanbul is surrounded by four different seas, oceanic conservation is of great importance. These local waters have been threatened by pollution, overfishing, climate change, decreasing biodiversity, invasive species and other hazards. It’s these reasons that for the last 22 years TUDAV has conducted scientific studies to protect the abundant marine life and to learn from past mistakes. 

Reaching information that’s needed is difficult due to the wide range of studies in surrounding seas. TUDAV has created a data bank for the purpose of information exchange. Accidents in the Turkish Straits and Black Sea Bibliography have been prepared by the foundation.

TUDAV supports various research, especially studies on biodiversity, either with its own resources or by getting in contact with related foundations. In this regard, there is a long term study going on about Turkish Straits.

Research studies and publications are presented to the scientific world both in Turkish and in English. Moreover, guide books are prepared with the aim of increasing public awareness.

For the educational focus of the foundation, it is very important to share the knowledge of the seas with every part of society. Seminars and conservation guidelines, especially for fishermen and other members of society, are organized for this purpose.

Their efforts for the establishment of Special Protected Areas continue, thus researches and practices will be conducted and more of the population will be able to learn about underwater life.

How do they do it?

TUDAV operates in the Aegean, Mediterranean, Black and Marmara Seas as well as the Turkish Strait. 

Their fields include: publications not limited to books, journals, social awareness posters and videos educating children. Marine biodiversity specializing in invasive species and marine mammal study. Fisheries focusing on creating sustainability and policies. Focusing on eradicating Pollution, including oil pollution and marine litter. Marine protected areas, including their ongoing project in Gökçeada Marine Park. Their Turkish Antarctic Science Programme hosting workshops and expeditions.

Research combating climate change, including those introduced to the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. Lastly, their educational efforts include an information pamphlet sent out to local districts warning of the impacts of rising seas, empowering them to help plan for future generations as well as hosting various educational and training seminars. 

How you can #TravelKindly: 
  • Choose Turkish Marine Research Foundation as your local charity when you book with Kind Traveler.
  • Kind Travelers can join a survey in the Istanbul Strait to observe dolphins and to monitor pollution for half a day. 
  • Join TUDAV for a beach clean-up along the Istanbul Strait or Black Sea. 
  • Educate yourself with TUDAV’s vast scientific publications about the surrounding waters and how you can do your part before visiting Istanbul.

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