Making more possible for the local community.

The Telluride Foundation’s MISSION is to improve the quality of life and create a tight-knit community for those who live, work, and visit Telluride, CO. They’re dedicated to building a philanthropic network for the entire region, supplying it with the resources necessary to improve quality of life, as well as meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Local communities need to take action today in order to maintain long-term prosperity–and Telluride is no exception. The Foundation takes on difficult regional issues that require leadership and risk tolerance as their initiatives, bringing the diverse, local community together to make more possible for all.

As the fourth most active grant maker in the country, the foundation provides year-round, cash-grant support to local organizations involved in community-based efforts, representing sectors such as education, athletics, health, human services, conservation, the arts, and more. They work with these regional non-profits and community groups to increase their effectiveness, as well as address issues where their support can have direct impact.

HOW YOU CAN #TravelKindly:
  • Choose the Telluride Foundation as your local charity when you book hotels with Kind Traveler
  • Put the “fun” in “fundraising” by attending a Telluride Foundation event
  • Shop from local suppliers, and eat at farm-to-table restaurants
  • Be environmentally conscious during your visit to the region (+ in your daily life!): Conserve energy, save water, recycle + compost, opt for reusable grocery bags + refillable water bottles, pick up trash when you see it, etc. Mother Nature will thank you!

Local Hotel: Lumiere Telluride


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