Soroptimist International Barbados is helping women and girls live their dreams.

The MISSION of Soroptimist International is to improve and make a difference in the lives of women and girls.

Why is it important? 
  • Soroptimist International of Barbados (SIB) is a non-profit voluntary organization for women whose mandate is to empower, educate and enable women and girls through enabling opportunities they wouldn’t normally have on an island of only 166 square miles.
  • Educated and socially empowered girls are less likely to become victims of human trafficking, more likely to leave an abusive relationship, have more access to healthcare, are less likely to live in poverty and are able to raise healthier families.
How do they do it? 
  • SIB currently has a number of community projects. They conduct a mentorship and vocational training program at local Government Industrial School for girls. SIB has also established a literacy training program which gives support to the teaching curriculum and encourages recreational reading.
  • SIB has established weekly mentorship training where vocational and life skills are taught to ask risk girls. Such areas that have been covered range from CPR training, jewelry making and culinary arts. An educational garden has also been started where at risk youth maintain and harvest the garden in preparation of meals.
How you can #TravelKindly:
  • Choose Soroptimist International Barbados as your local charity when you book with Kind Traveler.
  • Lend a skill to ask risk youth and join one of SIB’s weekly mentorship meetings.
  • Attend the regional Soroptimist International Caribbean Conference.

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