Santa MoniCARES gives back to local nonprofit agencies, giving tourism hospitality a whole new meaning in this California beach town. 

Santa MoniCARES is a nonprofit foundation working on behalf of the local Santa Monica community with the purpose of harnessing the hospitable nature and generosity of Santa Monica’s tourism industry to provide support to local nonprofit agencies that support individuals experiencing homelessness, DEI initiatives, environmental protection, hunger, arts & education, workforce development, at-risk youth, and elderly assistance.

Why is it important?

100% of the donations collected by Santa MoniCARES are returned to the Santa Monica Community to empower nonprofit organizations that provide support to individuals experiencing homelessness, beach and neighborhood cleanups, afterschool programs and arts education, helping displaced individuals obtain employment and many more.  Fundraising impact is felt immediately, and monies raised are used quickly.

How do they do it?

Santa MoniCARES works closely with the generous tourism industry serving businesses and residents to raise money through fundraising events, donation drives and volunteer programs. The fundraising and programs stay local to the Santa Monica community.

How you can #TravelKindly: 
  • Choose Santa MoniCARES as your local charity when booking your hotel through Kind Traveler. 
  • Santa MoniCARES partners with local nonprofit organizations that provide one-day experiences and many volunteer opportunities. Travelers and locals looking to get involved in the community can visit Santa MoniCARES.
  • Visitors or locals looking to get involved can find a list of upcoming opportunities by signing up to receive the Sea the Good newsletter through the Santa MoniCARES website.

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