The Sandman in Sonoma County: More Than Just a Hip Hotel


Knowing that The Sandman had a roadside ode to Route 66 ambiance, I was confident that it would be the perfect ‘pit stop’ as I continued my road trip down to LA.

I arrived at The Sandman Hotel, a Kind Traveler Hotel in Sonoma County, California, on a Wednesday afternoon after driving my way down the coast from Seattle. With a few camping stops along the way to see the amazing Redwoods that are spread throughout Northern California, I was ready for a few nights in a trendy, stylish hotel.

Knowing that The Sandman had a roadside ode to Route 66 ambiance, I was confident that it would be the perfect ‘pit stop’ as I continued my road trip down to LA. On top of that, I knew that The Sandman was more than just a hip hotel.

I knew they supported the local community and found ways to give back through its partnership with Kind Traveler, the first socially conscious Give + Get hotel booking platform empowering travelers to leave a positive impact within the destinations they visit. 

The Vibe

As I drove onto The Sandman property I could feel the stress of travel begin to lift off of my shoulders. The light blues + pastel pinks sing of a laid-back vibe and the vacation vibes resonate throughout the design. After checking in with the friendly staff at the front desk and getting some of their recommendations for activities and trails around the area, I made my way to my room to drop my bags and head to its year-round heated pool.

After wandering through the bocce ball court & fire pits, I happily found the pool and pool side bar. With an extensive drinks and food menu, I ended up settling on a glass of wine, figuring I was in wine country, right? Knowing that I was in no rush to go anywhere for the evening, I settled into the hip pool side bar filled with local art and a playful design.

I was the first one to arrive at the pool for the evening and as I soaked in all the chilled-out vibes, more and more guests began to arrive. Eventually I moved myself from the pool bar area into the pool and felt all the rest of the stress of travel that still lingered completely melt away.


The next morning, I woke up and went for one of the runs that was recommended by the staff. It was on this run that I saw how the beautiful landscape of Sonoma County is still recuperating from the wildfires of 2017.

Throughout my drive, I had learned that Sonoma is actually one of the most diverse counties in the U.S. With an incredible number of tourists visiting the area, I knew I wanted to be sure that I was helping preserve this landscape that I was so inspired by.

Giving Back

The desire for intentional travel that enabled me to give back to the local environment was the other reason I choose to stay at The Sandman. As a Kind Hotel on Kind Traveler, when you book your stay with them you give back to a local charity. Although you can give back to any Kind Charity on Kind Traveler, Sonoma Land Trust is the recommended charity to give back to when you stay at The Sandman and I whole heartedly resonated with their mission.

Sonoma Land Trust’s mission is to protect the scenic, natural, agricultural and open landscapes of Sonoma County for the benefit of the community and future generations.

Since 1976, Sonoma Land Trust has protected more than 50,000 acres of beautiful, productive and environmentally significant land throughout Sonoma.

With just a $10 donation (that can be given when you book The Sandman Hotel on Kind Traveler) you can help plant five native plants along rivers and streams or maintain one mile of hiking trails.

With a heart to preserve the local environment, I felt aligned with the work that Sonoma Land Trust was doing and grateful that I could support them just by the booking of my hotel.

Staying Mindful

Arriving back at The Sandman after my run, I made my way to The Sandman’s onsite fitness facility. With a full stock Peloton and free weights, I opted for a more mindful morning practice of yoga with their provided yoga mats feeling all the gratitude for the landscape and the chance to give back while staying at The Sandman.

Post workout, of course, called for breakfast and I made my way across the premises to their complimentary breakfast. I found locally roasted coffee and local baked goods in a small but quaint breakfast space, again adorned by local art.

Although I knew I had chosen a great place to stay along my road trip already, it sank in at breakfast that I had the whole day ahead to not only continue to enjoy The Sandman, but also explore the surrounding area that had so much to offer.

I felt grateful knowing that the hotel I was staying in was also supporting the local environment that I was going to go out and enjoy. Traveling Kindly does not have to be hard -- I realized Traveling Kindly could in fact could be really, really easy and incredibly fulfilling. 

Learn more about The Sandman in Sonoma County to discover how you can travel kindly on your next getaway. 

Bio: Helena Faye Huizenga is a traveling yogi and yoga instructor seeking to inspire slow travel experiences that encourage others to explore destinations with purpose and intention.