Learn about a Nature reserve in Sonoma County that is cultivating climate research and inspiring conservation for generations to come.

The MISSION of Pepperwood is to inspire conservation through science. 

Why is it important?

Located in the heart of Sonoma County— a globally recognized biodiversity hotspot— Pepperwood manages a 3,200-acre biological reserve and the Dwight Center for Conservation Science. An important refuge for more than 900 species of native plants and wildlife, the reserve serves as a living laboratory hosting researchers from around the world. The Dwight Center, a state-of-the-art, LEED-certified green facility has become a hub for ecological education and a conservation think tank. Pepperwood believes that our well-being depends on the health of our natural world. Every day their team studies California’s land, water, and wildlife to better educate decision-makers, the community, and the next generation about how best to care for the Earth. 

How do they do it?

Pepperwood has a four-part strategic plan to address the planets’ warming crisis, these initiatives focus on inspiring connections with nature, restoring native grasslands, linking landscapes for wildlife, and building climate and fire resistance. 

  • Connecting with Nature - Pepperwood has set a new goal to stem the tide and find ways to connect children, youth, and adults with the outdoors and the wonder and awe that nature inspires. Abundant research shows that more time spent in nature leads to improved emotional well being, a healthier lifestyle, and a drive to conserve natural landscapes.
  • Restoring Native Grasslands - Grasslands are one of the most endangered ecosystems in California while being one of our most precious assets under a changing climate. Pepperwood’s comprehensive projects seek to restore these grasslands to their most productive states. 
  • Linking Landscapes for Wildlife - Their goal with this initiative is to increase the pace and scale of conservation actions that sustain wildlife populations and improve habitat corridors throughout Northern California. 
  • Building Climate and Fire Resistance - This initiative is focused on increasing our resilience to accelerating climate and fire hazards while maintaining or enhancing the health of our watersheds and ecosystems. They are taking action now to leverage nature-based solutions that protect communities by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and stewarding landscape resilience.
How you can #TravelKindly: 
  • Choose Pepperwood as your local charity when you book your hotel with Kind Traveler.
  • Get involved in the myriad of organized hikes, volunteer activities, classes and events offered by the reserve. 
  • Enjoy a private guided hike on the reserve, the fee-for-service hikes help support the cost of staff and facilities. 

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