Saving California’s marine wildlife.

The MISSION of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release marine mammals back into the wild, inspiring ocean stewardship through research, education and collaboration.

Why is it important?

Marine mammals are increasingly threatened by damage to their environments, facing illness and injury from humans and our material byproducts.  

How do they do it?

Staff members recognize when beached marine mammas need aid, and bring those creatures back to the Center to nurse them back to health. They are released back into the wild after rehabilitation, having been tagged with an ID number so as to track their future health.   

How you can #TravelKindly:
  • Choose PMMC as your charity of choice when you book hotels with Kind Traveler
  • Call PMMC if you see a stranded marine mammal: (949) 494-3050
  • Clean trash from our beaches and oceans! On your own, or with a group
  • Wild animals need space, whether healthy or suffering. Don’t mess with them!
  • Say no to plastic straws and water bottles
  • Take a trip to the center any day of the week

Local Hotel: Balboa Bay Resort, Newport Beach

  Laguna Beach, CA

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