Mary-Clifton Everette

Mary-Clifton Everette

Mary-Clifton lives on the coast in Wilmington, NC. She has a degree in elementary education and extensive experience teaching and mentoring at-risk children in the public school system. Some of her most memorable travels combine her love of education, including a visit to Osaka, Japan, where she observed the social differences and similarities between American and Japanese classrooms. One of her most transformative trips was a multi-week visit to Australia, where she studied everything from indigenous cultures to protecting the Great Barrier Reef. Now, she has two young children and believes one of her most important jobs is raising her kids to be kind and respectful – to people, and to the earth.   


What’s your spirit animal?

Sea turtles. They’re laid back and chill but know exactly where they’re going. 


Your favorite cause and charity, and why?

Paws4People. I’ve always had such a love for dogs and the power they have in our lives. These therapy and assistance dogs can literally change a person’s life. 


Your favorite travel destination you’ve been to

Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. On the boat ride out, we learned about how global warming is affecting the reef. Under water, we were able to see its incredible beauty and understand firsthand why it’s so vital to preserve it. 


Closer to home, my favorite city is Charleston, SC. It’s a perfect combo of history, beautiful architecture, and incredible food. 


Where do you dream of traveling to? 

The Maldives (preferably in an over-the-water bungalow!). 


What does it mean to #TravelKindly to you?

It’s everything from how we treat each person we meet along the journey, to how we can bring back what we learned during our travels and implement it back home – no matter where we are.