Since 1976, the Land Trust has been permanently protecting Napa’s water resources, wildlife, agricultural lands, forests, ranches and native biodiversity. 

The MISSION of the Land Trust of Napa County (LTNC) is preserving the character of Napa by permanently protecting land. 

Why is it important?

The Land Trust works cooperatively with landowners and our community to protect our most cherished places and preserve our unique biodiversity. LTNC is a non-profit organization, founded in 1976 and has permanently protected over 89,000 acres of land, equal to 16% of Napa Count – in perpetuity.

LTNC is actively working to incorporate the challenges and threats posed by climate change into both our land conservation and natural resource management strategies, with a focus on protecting and restoring the ability of our local ecosystems to respond and adapt to warming temperatures. LTNC has dramatically increased its pace of land protection and stewardship throughout Napa County over the last five years to more effectively address these pressing issues.

How do they do it?
  • LTNC benefits our local community by developing and implementing long-term land protection and stewardship strategies 
  • Permanently protecting land through conservation easements and land acquisition
  • Ongoing stewardship efforts including restoring native species, protecting wildlife corridors, conducting prescribed burns, grazing projects, riparian habitat restoration and forest management
  • Partnering with state and local agencies, LTNC has preserved more than 26,100 acres of beautiful open space, which are now public parks and recreational areas anyone can use
  • Offering guided hikes on permanently protected lands to connect others to nature and our work
How you can #TravelKindly:
  • Choose Napa Land Trust as your local charity when you book your Napa hotel through Kind Traveler.
  • Volunteer work day opportunities are always available to join in or participate in land stewardship activities. You can get involved here
  • Kind Travelers are invited to join LTNC for one of their many guided hikes and activities on permanently protected lands. An extensive list of hikes and details can be found here. 

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