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Kalukanda House, in partnership with Kind Traveler’s Every Stay Gives Back certification, supports Their Future Today in Dodanduwa, Sri Lanka.

 Their Future Today


The mission of Their Future Today (TFT) is to end the institutionalization and suffering of vulnerable children disadvantaged through poverty in Sri Lanka. TFT’s long-term vision is to see poverty reduced, communities empowered, and lives transformed to end institutionalization and introduce a foster care system so that every child can reclaim their human right to grow up in a family.

Why is it important?

Currently, 80% of children in orphanages have at least one living parent but are given up by loving families, in crisis, in the hope of a better life, not understanding the long-term damage caused. 14,000 children are estimated to live in orphanages in Sri Lanka, without hope of a family, an education, or a future. Poverty, discrimination, disability, war and natural disasters are all factors that cause children to become separated from their families

100% of donations to charity




Your positive impact – what does a $10 donation do?

Provides legal support, meals and overnight safe shelter for a survivor of gender-based violence and her children.

More impact examples for every $10 donated:

  • Provides a school book pack to enable an impoverished child to go to school for a year
  • Provides an early learning preschool teacher for 50 children in an orphanage for one week
  • Provides a bakery teacher for 100 abused, institutionalised girls for one week
  • Provides food for a malnourished family of 6 for 3 days

How do they do it?

They are collaborating with global specialist partners to advocate and raise awareness of the harm caused to children in orphanages. They are also sharing Alternative Family and Foster Care knowledge by providing training at the highest level to National Childcare Services, the Judiciary, law students, political leaders, civil society organizations, faith groups, universities, local NGO’s and communities to keep families together where it is safe and possible. This emergency of knowledge has created a new and transformational understanding of the social change that is needed to keep children united with families when possible. 

How you can #TravelKindly and support Their Future Today:

  • A community impact contribution of $50 per stay will go to Their Future Today to be reflected in the final guest bill
  • Consider volunteer opportunities
  • Participate in a challenge – from running in a marathon to climbing a mountain


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