Jamaica's best hotel is branching out to assist with the education of island youths and preservation of the local marine environment

The MISSION of the Jamaica Inn Foundation is to support to the local community by means of aiding organizations dedicated to the education of island youth as well as assisting in the protection and preservation of the Jamaican marine environments. 

Why is it important?

Jamaica is one of the only countries in the world blessed with underwater reef estimated to be thousands of years old beneath the glistening waters. Various projects funded by the Jamaica Inn Foundation will aide to conserve this natural habitat and to provide further education and knowledge for our future generations.

How do they do it?

Founded only a few years ago, the Jamaica Inn Foundation has supported numerous local projects that helped the island youths and marine lives thrive. Currently, the team is working towards setting up a fish sanctuary off of its coast encompassing miles of ocean around Ocho Rios with the "500 in 5" Fish Sanctuary Project. Like the name, the goal is to have 500 percent more fish in the next 5 years.

Moreover, the Oracabessa Bay Turtle Project has resulted in more than 100 nests and 16,000 hatchlings being recorded yearly since its launch. The foundation's efforts with project supervisor Mel Tennant to protect mama turtles until they lay their eggs on the Jamaican shores is one of the main reasons keeping the Hawksbill sea turtle population growing. Up to this day, watching baby turtles hatching is still a favorite with visitors and most memorable experience in Jamaica.

As for their community, the foundation plays a significant role in Debate Mate Schools, an educational charity that uses the brightest university students to run after-school debate clubs in areas of high child poverty. Children who cannot read or write at the beginning are molded into debating in competitions by the end of the program.

How you can #TravelKindly
  • Choose the Jamaica Inn Foundation as your local charity when you book Kind Hotels with Kind Traveler
  • Visitors or locals can get involved on an informal basis by getting involved with the foundation’s activities including helping with coral cleaning and gardening in the coral nurseries (diving experience required) and monitoring the turtles coming into the beach to lay while recording details like size, location, tagging and more
  • Get involved with the administration work related to turtle laying and hatching, as well as river/sea clean-up ranging from recording all turtle info, taking photos, to sending off emails
  • Volunteers with volleyball experience can help with coaching and participate during volleyball games at the beach with the local high school volleyball teams

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