Since the devastating tsunami of 2004, Imagine Thailand has been empowering the nation’s youth to help build stronger communities. 

The MISSION of Imagine Thailand is to build strong communities. They believe in the capacity of youth, university students and skilled professionals to create a new future for communities in need. Their work shapes global citizens who partner to bring real benefit and change to local communities, the marketplace and the world. Together they bring assistance to children at risk, victims of terror, survivors of natural disasters and refugees fleeing oppressive governments.

Why is it important?

From their inception following the devastation witnessed by the Tsunami of 2004, Imagine Thailand has worked to serve people in Thailand by embodying these core values: Bridge building, people, presence, open-handedness, transformation and gap filling. They achieve these by bringing people together from different communities, organizations and nations and connecting those who have resources and opportunities, with those who don’t. By celebrating diversity and equality, investing in the communities they serve and fulfilling community needs, by embracing community partnerships, and prioritizing geographics and demographics showing the greatest need. 

We are creating a strong community through building the next generation - providing them with educational resources and providing them a safe place in which to thrive.

How do they do it?

Imagine Thailand works in four locations throughout Thailand (Takua Pa, Bangkok, Mae Sot, Hat Yai) in the crossroads between leading universities, progressive businesses and those at risk in poor and marginalized communities. Imagine Thailand's main focus has been on connecting two sides of Thailand's society - university students with the education to initiate transformation and local communities with great needs.  

They are about making strategic investments that empower people with the tools needed to bring about beneficial transformation in local communities, the marketplace and the world. 

In Takua Pa, their Lighthouse Learning Centre is an after school center for kids from the local community.  Takua Pa was one of the communities devastated by the 2004 Tsunami and educational support was an expressed need from the provincial government.  

In Bangkok, Imagine Thailand partners with Entrance Coffeehouse & Studio, near Chulalongkorn University's Campus to help build strong leaders and create a strong community of students.  Weekly English Corners and games and activity nights allow university students to gather, practice their English and discover community.  Alongside groups of Canadian students, the Thai students travel to communities of need to serve as translator assistants during English camps, run Thai camps for migrant children, or engage with hands-on work projects. 

 Imagine Thailand got involved in Mae Sot, a frontier town along the Thai-Myanmar border that faces many challenges. The world's oldest refugee camps and the impact of migration issues create unique challenges in the region.  Imagine Thailand works primarily with the Burmese Migrant Schools in the surrounding area and has since provided sustainable access to clean water for the school and for over 100 communities.

The Clean Water Project not only provides a filtration system, but training to ensure each site knows how to use and maintain their system. Imagine Thailand also is engaged in providing educational resources for the schools who face very limited budgets through their Teacher Resource Kits. Nutritional support and hygiene supplies are also key areas of focus. 

In Hat Yai, Imagine Thailand works to build community and partners with Sela English Center, near Prince of Songkla University's campus with the desire to create a strong community of students - mentally, spiritually and relationally.  Weekly English Corners, baking classes, games and activity nights allow university students to gather - practice their English and discover community.  

How you can #TravelKindly: 
  • Choose Imagine Foundation as your local charity when you book with Kind Traveler. 
  • Kind Travelers aiming to donate time to Imagine when in Thailand are encouraged to contact local area directors. Seasonal opportunities are always available pending current Covid restrictions. Follow their Instagram pageTwitter, or Facebook for updates.
  • In Takua Pa, Kind Travelers can help install a clean drinking water system in a temple, mosque, community hospital, or school.
  • Kind Travelers can help teach ESL in a local school or help teach at an after school tutoring program at their learning center  (English or Sports for non-Thai speakers). 
  • Join a local Thai team leading a 2-3 day ESL camp at a local school.

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