Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi is building a strong foundation for the Las Terrenas community.

The MISSION of Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi (FMG) is to better the quality of life of the people of Las Terrenas using suitable resources in an authentic environment of continuous learning.

Why is it important? 

FMG is a service-oriented, not-for-profit, non-partisan community organization that seeks to better the quality of life for impoverished or at-risk youth through education, health, technical and professional formation, the environment and the arts. They believe in the balanced and holistic development of every community to generate the necessary resources for sustainable and consistent growth and welcome all persons of good will.

How do they do it? 

In order to achieve their vision of creating a generation committed to wholesome human and community development in Las Terrenas, FMG will strive to offer to individuals, groups, and organizations the knowledge, skills and resources proven as successful promoters of personal, vocational, educational, civic, leadership, and global & multicultural development.

FMG uses operational centers, dozens of programs and projects, as well as a variety of workshops, seminars, courses, group or individual consultations, radio and TV programs, printed publications, the internet and any other means within their reach.

As an example of their dedication, what had started as a small library of 600 books has grown to 8,000 books in five different languages. In addition to their successful literacy project, they have established the Las Terrenas International School.

How you can #TravelKindly:
  • Choose Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi as your local charity when you book with Kind Traveler.
  • Travelers can visit, observe, facilitate an activity, or accompany a teacher in any given activity at Las Terrenas International School (i.e., playing, painting, an English lesson, sports activity).
  • As a family or group activity for 3-5 people, you can help paint a home.
  • Plant mangroves or other suitable plants or trees near the beach.
  • Participate in a group beach clean up.

  Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

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