Founding Sponsor


At its heart, the Fathom travel experience is about making a difference.  As a founding sponsor, we’re proud to be joining forces with a true kindred spirit, as we work toward our mutual missions of discovering all that’s possible when you connect mindful travelers with causes that matter to them.

We offer unique travel experiences to two of the world’s most exotic locations: The Dominican Republic and Cuba. By partnering with local and global impact organizations in the Dominican Republic, our travelers participate in hands-on projects, alongside local residents, that contribute to environmental, education, and economic initiatives in the communities we visit. In Cuba, you’ll visit three historic ports and participate in an immersive experience that allows you to get to know Cuba and it’s people. 

Onboard, you can participate in workshops and seminars that help you discover your unique talents and how you’ll utilize them to make a collective impact. Our cultural programming gives a fun and lively introduction to the countries you’ll visit. By offering these experiences in the context of a modern cruise-ship, with virtually all costs built into the fare, we create a safe, comfortable and accessible environment that also provides our purpose-driven travelers with the much-needed opportunity to relax and recharge.

Our vision is to transform travel to transform lives. One journey, one traveler, one meaningful connection at a time.   Both for the people in the communities we serve, and for the Fathom traveler, too.