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Equus Hotel, in partnership with Kind Traveler’s Every Stay Gives Back community impact certification, supports Hawaii Farm Trails’ Project Kanu in Hawaii. 

Hawaii Farm Trails



The mission of Hawaii Farm Trails’ Project Kanu is to plant carbon-sequestering food trees that will nourish and regenerate Hawaii’s Island Home.

Why is it important?

Overcoming high levels of food insecurity is an ongoing challenge in Hawaii exacerbated by barriers that local farmers face such as high costs of production, degraded soils and uncertain markets & weather. By supporting Project Kanu, it’s possible to help fund food trees which serve as the baseline for advancing food security and agroforestry.

100% of donations to Hawaii Farm Trails




Your positive impact – what does a $10 contribution do?

Plant two carbon-sequestering food trees that will nourish & regenerate Hawaii’s Island Home

How do they do it?

Going beyond individual tree planting efforts, agroforestry seeks positive interactions between its components. Agroforestry cultivates the use of trees & shrubs with crops & livestock to create a more holistic and ecologically diverse output from the land than is possible through conventional agriculture. Trees in agroforestry systems store vast amounts of carbon comparable to those of afforestation and forest restoration, while enabling farmers to leave the bulk of their land in agricultural production, promoting food security. Through this model, farmers gain income and resilience from multiple crops growing on unique timelines.

How you can #TravelKindly and support Hawaii Farm Trails’ Project Kanu:

  • Guests are invited to make a positive impact in our local community with Hawaii Farm Trails with a $5 per/stay “Community Impact Contribution” to advance food security and agroforestry efforts in planting carbon-sequestering food trees at locally owned farms. Equus Hotel proudly matches contributions with an additional $5 per/stay in creating a sustainable future for our local community.  
  • Plant a carbon-sequestering food tree that will nourish Hawaii’s Island Home

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