Promoting Kindness to the planet and all its inhabitants via sustainable agriculture.

The El Ganzo Community Center MISSION is to promote and demonstrate a sustainable culture, using Permaculture as the main framework.

Why is it important?

Permaculture, or the development of sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural systems, is critically important in showing Kindness to our planet and its inhabitants. Traditional agricultural production is alternatively motivated by profit and efficiency, entailing harmful repercussions for the environment, animals, and we humans, alike. Consumers are left with products tainted by chemicals and poor production practices–both adverse to the wellness-based lifestyles we Kind Travelers consciously seek.

How do they do it?

El Ganzo Community Center promotes sustainable agriculture by supporting community projects in Los Cabos: a place that values all-natural organics just as much as we do. Such projects include learning gardens for children, farmers markets, recycling programs, educational workshops, and more. 

How you can #TravelKindly:
  • Choose El Ganzo Community Center as your local charity when you book hotels with Kind Traveler
  • Get involved with thier community garden at any time. It offers a list of to-do activities with the local children, including:
    • Germinating seeds
    • Making compost
    • Installing garden beds
    • Painting labels for plants
    • Decorating outdoor furniture
    • Weeding the garden
    • Recycling on property (+ in everyday life!)
  • Travelers are also invited to participate in the San Jose Farmers Market, by emailing

Local Hotel: Hotel El Ganzo

  BCS, Mexico

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