Chad Crone

It was a barefoot walk along the beach with friends on a balmy summer night in Bali when Chad Crone had a Kind Traveler moment. As a wave lapped onto the beach, it brought with it a sea of empty water bottles and trash. It was then he decided to change the way he thought about travel. He realized simply picking up another traveler’s trash the rest of the trip could have a profound lasting impact on the island’s ecosystem.

Growing up on the beaches of South Florida, Chad nurtured a passion for the outdoors and watersports. This led to a diving scholarship to the University of Florida where he graduated from the esteemed college of Journalism & Communications. Now, considered a full fledged Angelino, that passion for the outdoors has carried over to everything the California lifestyle has to offer.  

Having written for television, short and feature films that have premiered at the Palms Springs International Film Fest, Chicago International Film Festival to the Tribeca Film Fest, to name a few, as well as starring in dozens of national commercials, Chad now aims to use his avid passion for travel, photography, experiencing new cultures and storytelling to inspire others to travel kindly. And if he had his druthers, he’d be working from a barstool in the Golden Gai, Tokyo right now.