A Swiss bear sanctuary allows rescued bears to roam free in a breathtaking setting. 

The MISSION of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary (ABS) is to provide a suitable home to bears that have been rescued from poor conditions. 

Why is it important?

Together with the animal welfare organization Four Paws, the ABS has established innovative and sustainable protection of bears in need, often those who were forced to live in chains in tiny, dirty cages. On an area of seven acres, the rescued bears can discover their natural behaviors, develop bear instincts, and roam around freely.

How do they do it?

Located in the heart of the Grisons mountains, Arosa Bear Sanctuary not only provides unforgettable views but seamlessly connects sustainable tourism with animal welfare. There are many fun and exciting ways for guests to explore the sanctuary. Visitors can look out for the bears and broaden their knowledge at the Visitor's Platform. Here, guests can learn a great deal about animal welfare and brown bears thanks to the Bear Academy’s numerous educational elements. From there, the 'floating' adventure path leads across eight viewing platforms through the sanctuary. Additionally, hiking enthusiasts can enjoy their themed hiking route, the bear sanctuary Experience Trail, combining hiking and learning in a playful way.

How you can #TravelKindly: 

Choose the Arosa Bear Sanctuary as your local charity when you book your hotel with Kind Traveler.

Kind Travelers can support simply by visiting the sanctuary, amongst the many family-friendly experiences, guests will learn about the sustainability of the sanctuary and have the opportunity to make donations in various ways. 

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