Adam Campbell-Olszewski | Team

Adam Campbell-Olszewski 

Adam is a sustainability-driven graphic designer. From dreaming of traveling this world in a van to helping conservancies voluntarily, this earth-conscious approach has brought true meaning personally to his life. All design projects that Adam now creates are formed with such values. Values that include educating and supporting people on sustainable travel, local communities, animal equality, and the environment. Kind Traveler envisions the world with these values being very much important, making it very special for us to grow and be challenged together. It excites Adam to see people being able back to give back to the community they visit when traveling kindly with Kind Traveler.

In his free time, you will see him off on a hiking trail taking nature photography in some new location that he has discovered recently. There is something to be said for a nice long walk on a beautiful sunny day on planet earth. Let us travel kindly together!


1. What’s your spirit animal?

A turtle and dolphin are my spirit animals. The turtle tells us to walk our path in peace and determination, while dolphins tell us to have the inner strength to do what we want to do.


 2. Your favorite cause and charity and why?

The Olive Ridley Project really speaks to me. Animal rights is an important topic in my eyes. Protecting the habitats of sea turtles through rehab, research, and education is a valuable education for this world. Brings to life the importance of animal habitats. All charities spread much education on topics that are of value. We discover the meaning in things through charities.


3. Your favorite travel destination that you’ve been to?

My favorite trip would have to be my trip to Ireland, for I am Irish. Took the better part of just over a week with my family traveling Dublin and the southern parts of Ireland. The views were spectacular. The culture is so deep and special to see. Lots to learn about this culture and how it was founded. The Pubs were amazing. Truly a special place to visit.


4. Where do you dream of traveling to?

Traveling is always a profound joy for me! Would love to go to Switzerland and check out our hotel partners and charities there. Could see myself hiking for many days in the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland. While taking in the local communities and giving back.


5. What does it mean to #TravelKindly to you?

Connecting yourself to the place you are staying at. Being conscious of the local community, animals, and environment you are in at that moment. Discover opportunities to better those communities in any way you can when you are there. Educate yourself on what makes this place special from anywhere else and what would be one thing you could do to impact that place in a special way before you leave. Learn from the history, beauty, and landscape of this area sustainably.