This rescue and rehabilitation facility off the coast of Belize is keeping the local wildlife in good hands. 

The MISSION of Aces Wildlife Rescue (AWR) is to provide 24/7 emergency response to injured, ill, orphaned and displaced wildlife as well as crocodile/human conflict resolution achieved through scientific research, community outreach and education.

Why is it important?

Aces team of volunteers provide 24/7 emergency response on Ambergris Caye for injured, ill, orphaned, or displaced wildlife, assistance in human wildlife conflict resolution, and a close port of call for Caye Caulker critters in need of aid. They specialize in reptile and avian rehabilitation, but are experienced in handling a wide variety of animals and will respond to any and all calls for wildlife that needs their help. This is particularly important for the wildlife of Ambergris Caye because as development increases, so too does the number of animals in need affected by wildlife-human conflict. Prior to Aces, the closest rehabilitation centers were located inland on mainland Belize, which meant extra stress and travel for wildlife who needed specialized care in order to have a shot at survival.

How do they do it?

Aces Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit  permitted by the Belize Forest Department that believes community engagement is key to compassionate and successful conservation. Their goal is to educate the community on how to safely coexist with the local wildlife, particularly "nuisance" animals such as crocs, snakes, and raccoons. Some of the examples  they use to connect with the community are through school presentations, town events, summer camps and career days for children. 

Not only do they rescue and rehabilitate imperiled wildlife, they assist in wildlife-human conflict resolution to keep the people and communities safe from potential conflicts. People fear what they do not understand, so Aces provides local educational lectures, event displays, and engages the community with every wildlife call response. 

AWR is also greatly invested in habitat conservation and mangrove reforestation as a means to protect wildlife in their natural habitats. 

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