5 Sunglasses Protecting You and the Planet


Your travel future looks bright. Wear shades that help you do good while you look good.

Confession … I have a rather large obsession with sunglasses. They are useful on so many levels, protecting your baby blues (or green or brown) on sun drenched beaches, snowy peaks and desert playa sand storms. On a recent trip to New York I packed 5 pairs for my 8-day trip. This wasn’t intentional packing but I just kept neurotically slipping sunglasses into my suitcase, purse, laptop case, make-up bag and so on. 

Sunglasses are seasonal, trend centric and one of the most versatile and useful accessories in existence. I am fairly certain I own upwards of 50 pairs. So you can see how I might be excited to discover several eyewear companies that look good and do good to boot! The sun is always shining somewhere. Go sight-seeing in style. Here’s a list of my top 5 picks.

1.  Solo EyewearBolivia $59.00

Recycled plastic frames with reflective gold lenses create a protective barrier not only from the sun but from all those people you are watching while sipping an espresso on the Rue de Mauvais Garcons.

Kind Factor: 

Each pair of SOLO’s sold funds eye care for people in need through prescription eyeglasses and sight saving eye surgeries. All of the frames are named after countries where Solo has funded eye care.

2. Proof, Ontario Skate $120

Colorful Wayfarer shaped frames are crafted out of repurposed Canadian maple skateboard decks, blending style and sustainability. Each frame is hand veneered for a one of a kind look as unique as you.

Kind Factor:

Proof Eyewear embraces the idea of being a global citizen, and uses a socially conscious business model. Its Do Good Program works on a project-by-project basis providing a lasting impact through their partnership with HELP International

3. Warby Parker, Reilly $95

A hipster essential from one of the original kind eyewear companies, these oversized frames in “tortoise” shades with polarized lenses will not help you keep a low profile, but they will keep admirers guessing what you’ve been up to.

Kind Factor:

Warby Parker makes a monthly donation based upon eyeglass sales to its nonprofit partners which trains people in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell affordable glasses in their community. To date, they've distributed more than two million pairs of glasses to people in need. 

Warby Parker | One Million

4. Panda, Monroe $120

A classic wayfarer shape made from eco-friendly Moso bamboo. An Eighties revival, think Risky Business “Kind Style."

Kind Factor:

Created to help people and the planet, these sunglasses are designed from sustainably sourced bamboo. Each pair purchased gives the gift of vision through Optometry Giving Sight creating a positive social and environmental impact.

Panda | Optometry Giving Sight


5. Westward Leaning, Dyad $295

This retro chic shape throws back the throwback by adding in 3 clips on lenses. Ducky would have rocked these all the way to the prom.

Kind Factor:

Fusing fashion and philanthropy, California based Westward Leaning, turns out epically stylish designs while giving back. Every pair of sunglasses has been inlaid with a unique material on the temple, which directly correlates to an associated charity. For every pair sold, a minimum of 10% of net proceeds are donated to the registered charitable organization signified by the inlay.

Fashion maven Monica Schweiger is our go-to expert for doing everything in style, from effortless clothes that travel kindly to the coolest people and places. Follow her recommendations and you’ll be good-to-go.