Build A Motorcycle, Build A Future

The MISSION of BUILD Moto is to teach high school students valuable life lessons and interpersonal skills through the art of restoring and racing vintage motorcycles.

Why is it important?

Interpersonal skills are very important to a child's development and self-esteem. Cultivating confidence in adolescents can significantly change their world-view and create a positive self-image. As part of a motorcycle building team, BUILD Moto helps to teach students that they all have something unique to offer during the construction process, which positively effects their sense of self and confidence.


How do they do it?

Beginning in January and spanning until June, teams of students are formed with a group of mentors. Each participating team is given a vintage motorcycle to be worked on in the team's designated space, with the end goal of racing the bike in one or more AHRMA vintage motorcycle races. BUILD Moto provides the chassis, working motor, and core components of the bike for the team to complete building, including a few items of customization.

How you can #TravelKindly:
  • Choose Build Moto as your local charity when you travel with Kind Traveler
  • Donate online to Build Moto to support high-school students


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