Silly Smart: Learning & Fun Rolled Into One!

The MISSION of the Children’s Museum of La Crosse is to help the young and the young at heart learn, connect, and grow through interactive play. 

Why is it important?

Times have changed. Families are busier than ever, most moms and dads work outside the home, and many parents aren’t  comfortable letting their children explore neighborhoods unsupervised. Precious free time is often spent with technology or in structured activities. This isn’t all bad, but it is concerning child development experts who know that early and frequent involvement in unstructured play is integral to a child’s developing brain and future academic and social success.   

How do they do it?

Parents want the best for their children, but between work and home demands and packed school and extra-curricular schedules, “quality time” can be hard to come by.  A family outing to a children’s museum can be a precious opportunity to spend time together having fun. The Children’s Museum of La Crosse encourages unstructured play by providing a safe and supportive place for it. This three-story museum offers affordable, valuable, enjoyable and memorable experiences for children ages 1-10 and their adult companions. 

Key Messages/Values

  • Celebrate Play Every Day. Play is how children learn who they are and how the world works, how to solve problems, and how to express feelings.  The value and power of play are incorporated into every aspect of the Children’s Museum.
  • Make Meaningful Memories. The Children’s Museum is a place away from work and household distractions where adults and children can share quality time and experience the luxury of becoming lost in the moment.
  • Be Active. The Children’s Museum recognizes the importance of healthy living for children and adults, as well as the value of life-long learning through interactive experiences.
  • Dream Big. The Children’s Museum is committed to supporting parents, teachers and other caring adults to nurture creativity and personal development for children. We are also always looking for ways to be the best we can be for our customers and community.
  • Do Your Best, Always. Integrity - fiscal responsibility, programming excellence, customer service, employment experience - is core to the Children’s Museum’s mission.
  • Share. The Children’s Museum strives to welcome all people and partners, to play and learn, communicate and collaborate, lead and listen, plan and provide. 
How you can #TravelKindly:
  • Choose the Children’s Museum of La Crosse as your local charity when you travel with Kind Traveler and be sure to visit the Museum when you are in historic downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin.
  • Take part in the one-of-a-kind Tri-Quest fitness challenge in September, benefitting this #KindCharity in part: a “triathlon” that substitutes swimming for 18 holes of golf 
  • Get crackin’ with the July Firecracker runs, co-hosted by the Children’s Museum
  • Curious about volunteer opportunities? Check out the Museum’s website, and/or contact Jenny Nustad for more details: or 608-784-2652 x227 

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