Ely Levy

Thanks to his adventurous parents, Ely was a born traveler – his earliest trip was to the beautiful island of Bali at the age of three, and he hasn't stopped since. To date, he has been to multiple countries and cities in his lifetime, each destination fueling his passion for culture, art, music and design. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Ely has since traveled to the city of Los Angeles where he pursued a degree in Graphic Design at ArtCenter College of Design. While gaining a broad knowledge in design & illustration, his primary focus is in branding/identity systems, advertising & editorial/book design. Currently, as a member of the Kind Traveler team, he finds joy in contributing his visual design insight to a company whose mission so perfectly aligns who he stands for as a person.


  1. What’s your spirit animal?
    Cats have always been close to my heart. Adventurous, brave, smart and independent - all these traits are of extreme value to me as an individual. You can always count on a cat to be a pal you never knew you needed!
  2. Your favorite cause and charity and why?
    Today's Future Sound is an organization that I have worked with closely for several years, and their mission has always resonated with me because I am passionate about how music can influence young people's lives in positive ways. Music and music education is an essential part of child development, and I believe that everyone has a right to have access to the healing power of music.
  3. Where do you dream of traveling to?
    I would love to explore more countries in Europe such as Sweden and Italy. Also visiting Japan has always been a dream of mine!
  4. What does it mean to #TravelKindly to you?
    To #TravelKindly means approaching every new destination with a sense of awareness, compassion and empathy. To respect your surroundings and to keep your footprint as light as possible.