By keeping this charming coastal city’s past alive, the La Jolla Historical Society (LJHS) is a gathering place where residents and visitors can explore history, art, ideas and culture. 

The MISSION of the La Jolla Historical Society is to empower and inspire the community and makes La Jolla’s diversely rich past a relevant part of contemporary life. 

Why is it important?

As architect and city planner, Graeme Shankland so aptly put it, “A country without a past has the emptiness of a barren continent; and a city without old buildings is like a man without a memory.” La Jolla’s present and future is just as dependent upon its past, and without the historical society as an educator, preserver and advocate on behalf of the City of San Diego’s historical designations, much of the historical charm that makes La Jolla one of the world’s most visited and treasured coastal cities, may very well be lost forever.

How do they do it?

Incorporated in 1964, the society embarked on a program of practice that continues to this day. This includes collecting historical photographs, public records, private documents, and newspaper archives reflecting La Jolla’s past, recording oral histories of those who have made significant contributions to the community and serving as educator of La Jolla’s heritage.

The Society itself, operates a campus of three historical buildings it owns and maintains from the early 1900’s. Always looking to the future by preserving the past, the Society continues to develop an expanding list of programs and collaborations to link today’s audiences with the rich history of La Jolla. This includes exhibitions, lecture and panel series, education camps for youth in such fields as photography and architecture, collaborative programs with educational and cultural institutions (even internship programs with esteemed local universities), oral history initiatives, and popular annual community events such as a Secret Garden Tour of La Jolla and the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance and the Motor Car Classic.

How you can #TravelKindly:
  • Choose the La Jolla Historical Society as your local charity when you book hotels with Kind Traveler.
  • Attend an exhibition at the LJHS on your stay.
  • Take a self-guided walking tour through La Jolla Village and gain insight into the past century of growth and development.
  • Become a “Friend” or “Heritage” member, stay in the know, and receive annual discounts to exhibits, photography and local historical merchants.

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