Caring for communities.

The MISSION of the Fundación Brisas is to improve lives as well as promote family welfare, health, and environmental care for the communities and people belonging to Brisas Group.

Why is it important? 

In Mexico, there are many communities in poverty who need care as well as individuals requiring their basic needs.

How do they do it? 

Through the help of the Brisa Group + staff, individuals are provided with health services and emergency relief. In a single day, the foundation can deliver water and filtration systems to over 1,200 individuals living in difficult-to-access communities in Mexico.

How you can #TravelKindly:
  • Choose Fundación Brisas as your charity of choice when you book hotels with Kind Traveler
  • Participate in on-site volunteer activities 
  • Conserve water by reusing your towel in your hotel room
  • Conserve more water by requesting that your bed sheets are not changed daily

Local Hotel: Las Brisas Acapulco | Las Hadas Golf Resort & Marina, Manzanillo

  Acapulco + Manzanillo, Mexico

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