Coboat: Work and Play with a Lighter Footprint

The World’s First 'Office at Sea’ Has a Do-Gooder’s Mission at Heart.

In this age of start-ups and entrepreneurs, coworking spaces have become hubs for many a small company looking for office space.

Coboat’s founders have taken that idea one step further, in a way we’re absolutely on board with: They’ve combined coworking with traveling. In fact, this upstart company is the real deal "bleisure travel."


The Coboat is an 82-foot catamaran, cleverly kitted out as a modern live/work space–that is, a floating office, the world’s first. It has some of the luxuries of a cruise ship–chef-made all-inclusive meals, a bar, and activities like yoga, brewing beer, or day trips–plus the latest in satellite Internet, charging ports galore, and an inspiring 360-degree view above that laptop screen. It redefines the whole idea of a working vacation, amiright?

And while the idea itself is cool, even more admirable is that Coboat’s entire mission is designed with sustainability, eco-consciousness, and giving back at its heart. Coboat has been about kind design from the get-go, with sustainability built right into the boat. “We switched from diesel engines to electric propulsion, and will produce energy from solar panels, wind generators, and water while sailing,” cofounder Gerald Schömbs told me. “This is a project that has never been done on a leisure boat of this size.”

It’ll be a record-setter, in fact: When Coboat begins its maiden voyage in the spring of 2016, it will be the largest sailing yacht equipped with electric propulsion and energy regeneration in the world.

In addition to creating its own energy, Coboat produces its own water (!), practices as much recycling/reusing/reducing as possible, and invests its profits back into good-cause efforts like ocean cleanups or migration projects, Schömb went on to explain. What makes the team so passionate about these (admittedly!) costly eco-modifications and philanthropic endeavors? “We all have come to a point in life where we want–and actually are able–to give back,” he said.

It’s as simple as that. And that’s a sentiment that we identify with deeply.

This office at sea is aimed at digital nomads, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, of course, but honestly, we see the appeal to anyone who has felt the push-pull of wanting to enjoy their time in an exotic location but still reeeeeally needs reliable Wifi for a quick email check. (C’mon frequent travelers, you can admit to it!)

The Coboat plans to explore the Mediterranean for the rest of 2016 (Greece, Sicily, Sardinia, Balearic Islands, Spain, Morocco and Canaries). Vouchers to request bookings for a minimum of one week are available here.

Now, who’s up for a work-vacay on-board? 

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